Mamta Gautam

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Mamta Gautam


Mamta is a psychiatrist from Ottawa, a clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Ottawa, a certified coach, and President and CEO of PEAK MD.  She is a pioneer in the area of Physician Health and Well-being, and is hailed as “The Doctor’s Doctor”. She is the founding director of the University Of Ottawa Faculty Of Medicine Wellness Program. This program served as the template for the Canadian Medical Association Centre for Physician Health and Wellbeing, where she served as the Chair of the Expert Advisory Group. She created the Canadian Psychiatric Association Section on Physician Health. In 2008, she founded the International Alliance on Physician Health, bringing together experts worldwide to collaborate on work in this area.

Dr. Gautam is an internationally known consultant and speaker on Professional Health and Leadership in Health Care.  She wrote a regular column, Helping Hand, in the Medical Post on Physician Health for many years, and now pens Coach’s Corner, a column in the newsletter for the Canadian Society for Physician Executives. She has written two bestsellers - Irondoc: Practical Stress Management Tools for Physicians, and The Tarzan Rule: Tips for a Healthy life in Medicine. She founded PEAK MD in 2009, expanding the concept of Physician Health to focus on wellness, and the proactive primary prevention of health of professionals.

She has received numerous awards for her innovative work in Physician Health, including Distinguished Fellowships in both the Canadian and American Psychiatric Associations, and was the inaugural recipient of the Canadian Medical Association’s Physician Misericordia Award.