Gender Based Violence & Family Violence

Gender Based Violence & Family Violence Committee


Given the high rate of violence in our society (1 and 3 individuals experience or are exposed to violence), this advocacy group was developed in order to support initiatives in Canada at this time to educate and empower clinician from various disciplines to have the tools to address this public health issue.

The role of such a committee was presented at the Interim Board Meeting in January 2019 in Toronto.  The Board agreed to support the initiative of VEGA (violence, evidence, guidance and action) a public health initiative to address violence, by being a partner in distributing their resources and supporting their initiatives with our members. Additionally this committee will explore specific projects best suited to additionally leverage FMWC and its relationship with MWIA from such initiatives. One such area is Sex trafficking of females.

Please see our Terms of Reference here.

If you are interested in joining the FMWC Gender Based Violence & Familty Committee please contact the National Office at [email protected].