And the Winner of the Wellness Challenge is….

The FMWC held a Wellness Challenge to promote overall health and resiliency for women physicians. Our hope was to encourage the importance of taking time for oneself, for one’s well-being and health and to promote the notion that this act can take many forms.

And the winner of the Wellness Challenge is....Sarah Khan


Thank you all who entered!

The pictures are beautiful and truly demonstrate the range of activities  people engage in to promote wellness and bring balance to their lives. It can be hard to find the time in this busy world of so many demands, but activities, as simple as dancing, can renew your spirit and refresh energy.

Below are posted other entries in the #FMWCBeWell Challenge. You can find them on Twitter under #FMWCBeWell tag.


Thanks again to everyone who sent in pictures and shared their passion. We hope you are inspired to seek more joy and balance in your life.

We encourage you to share these pics on Social Media. You can find them individually at #FMWCBeWell on Twitter.