The Enid Johnson MacLeod Award



The Enid Johnson MacLeod Award recognizes any category of FMWC member involved in the promotion of women’s health research and/or women’s health education. This award was established to honour Dr. Enid MacLeod, a long-time member of the Federation from Nova Scotia. Dr MacLeod was known for her research into the use of curare for anaesthesia and remembered for her generosity and warmth of spirit.

When submitting your nomination, please complete the following information and insert the name of one (1) other physician member of the FMWC who accepted to endorse your nomination (reference will be validated). The nominee is required to be a current FMWC members (any category). The deadline for nominations is December 31.


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***Please note that this nomination or self nomination isn't complete until the National Office receives a copy of the nominee's CV via email at: [email protected].

Past Recipients:

2013 – Dr. Pam Liao
2012 – Dr. Guylaine Lefebvre
2011 – Dr. Perle Feldman
2010 – Dr. Barbara Lent
2009 – Dr. Vivien Brown
2008 – Dr. Cheryl Levitt
1998 – Dr. Jean Gray
1997 – Penny Ballem
1996 – June Engel, PhD