Dr. Perle Feldman

Dr-Perle_FeldmanThe 2011 Enid Johnson MacLeod Award winner

Perle Feldman is the Post-Graduate Program Director for Family Medicine at North York General Hospital and an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at University of Toronto. She was previously at McGill University where she taught family medicine for over twenty years. She was one of the founders of the maternal-child health fellowship in family medicine at McGill, and created the Goldfarb Breastfeeding Medicine clinic and training program.   She was a member of the expert committee which created the 2001 Quebec government policy on Breastfeeding.

Her publications have appeared in Canadian Family Physician, CMAJ, and the American Journal of Ob/Gyn as well as being cited in William’s Obstetrics. She writes short stories, some which have been published in Canadian Family Physician.  She has recently received her Master’s degree in Health Professional Education from University of Illinois, Chicago.

She is married to her original husband, David Glaser, and is the mother of four adult children.
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