Board of Directors

Dr. Anne Niec

MWIA National Coordinator

Location: Hamilton, ON

As a Professor, Department of Pediatrics at McMaster University, Dr. Niec serves as the director to the Child Advocacy and Assessment Program, the Gender and Health Initiative and Faculty Lead, Professionalism to the FHS.  Dr. Niec co-founded and co-chairs a national Pediatric Review course, examines for the Royal College in Pediatrics and sits on a working committee developing a diploma program in Child Maltreatment for the College.

Dr. Niec has organized a May Cohen Event biennially; with colleagues produced "The Climb: A Handbook for Women Academic Physicians" with an internet site attached (grant from FMWC).  She has developed modules for inter-professional education on Gender and Health and provides education on issues of the Hidden Curriculum, Professionalism and Family Violence.  She is an educator, clinician and collaborator on a number of research activities in Gender Medicine, Child Maltreatment and Global Health (Morocco and Uganda).

Outside of medicine, Dr. Niec practices well-being by incorporating mindfulness in her work; engaging in yoga, walking and in a book club and spending time with friends and family.