Board of Directors

Dr. Charissa Patricelli


Location: Vancouver, BC

Dr. Charissa Patricelli is a Family Physician, Addiction Specialist and Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia.

She is the Director of Perinatal Addiction for BCWomen’s Hospital and Medical Director of FIR Square.  Her clinical advisory role at Perinatal Services BC inspired her in the many opportunities to work in leadership.  She is an experienced leader in inter professional teams and system change for patient centred care.  Her work involves advocacy with marginalized families, particularly those impacted by poverty, violence and substance use.

Dr. Patricelli is inspired by the power of the human spirit to recover, heal, and empower others.

She is the President of the FMWC and believes with compassion and connection we will empower a more just, peaceful and healthy international community.