Board of Directors

Dr. Clover Hemans

National President-Elect

Location: Oakville, ON

Dr. Clover Hemans is a family physician in Oakville, Ontario who enjoys working in a variety of areas. With a passion for patient centered care, quality and safety as well as a personal commitment to life -long learning, Dr Hemans aims to walk the talk. She bolsters her educational journey by keeping current with women’s health initiatives, adult educational strategies, and small and large “L” leadership approaches. In 2012, Dr Hemans was chosen to complete the Canadian Medical Association/Ontario Medical Association and Schulich School of Executive Education’s Physician Leadership Development Program.

Occupational variety now comes in the form of teaching and learning from 2nd year medical students at the University of Toronto and from working at the community hospital where Dr. Hemans is the head of the Surgical Assistants Group and Secretary-Treasurer of the Professional Staff Association. When she is not busy serving on committees, working in the operating room or teaching/learning, Dr. Hemans is reading for relaxation, “hanging” with her family or dancing on her treadmill. She lives to multi-task.