Board of Directors

Dr. Maria Leis

National Resident Representative

Location: Toronto, ON

Bio: Maria is a first-year family medicine resident at the University of Toronto, with a special interest in emergency medicine. She has a variety of experience promoting women in leadership as well as women’s health; she has previously served as the National Medical Student Representative for the FMWC for the past three years, and within the University of Toronto was Director of Women in Medicine, the Women’s Health Education Initiative, and Medical Students for Choice. She has a particular interest in global gender disparities, gender-based violence and the intersection with emergency medical care; her current research examines the impact of gender-based violence against female sex workers in Nairobi, Kenya on HIV prevention and emergency medical care service utilization. She also does consulting work for the United Nations related to youth empowerment and gender-based violence. Within the foundation, she is Chair of FMWC’s Gender-Based and Family Violence Committee. Maria looks forward to serving on the Board this year and advocacy opportunities within the FMWC.