CMA Wellness Connection

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What is the Wellness Connection?

The Wellness Connection, provided by the CMA, is a virtual, safe space for physicians and medical learners to gather and discuss shared experiences, get support, seek advice and help each other.

A variety of virtual group support sessions, led by trained facilitators and offered in different formats and approaches, are available each week. These include formal peer support sessions as well as featured sessions such as "compassion rounds" and "psychological first aid." The weekly group sessions address a range of topics, including critical needs and emerging strategies to support physicians and learners during the pandemic and beyond. To learn more about what virtual group support sessions are being offered, click here.

The Wellness Connection also offers a "gratitude space" where you can share your feelings, emotions and stories of gratitude with your peers. If you're looking for advice on how to support your colleagues, you can also access a range of formal and informal peer support resources, among other tools and information.

Who is eligible to access the Wellness Connection?

The Wellness Connection is available to all physicians and learners through the CMA's Community Engagement Platform. The site is open access, except for the virtual group support sessions and the gratitude space, which are only available to registered members of the platform. This is to respect the privacy of our members and ensure a safe space to share stories and experiences.

You do not have to be a CMA member to join the platform, but you will require a CMA ID to create an account. click here for registration and login information.

Is there a fee to use this service?

There is no cost to you. The CMA is pleased to financially support the Wellness Connection and the support services it provides.


Click here to access the Wellness Connection


Do you have questions about the Wellness Connection? Please read the frequently asked questions