FMWC Proposes #MeTooMedicine MWIA Statement

As a member of the Medical Women International Association (MWIA), the FMWC, supported by the American Medical Women's Association, proposed the following statement be issued by the MWIA in response to the #MeTooMedicine movement:

Whereas #MeTooMedicine is raising awareness about how Bullying, Intimidation and Sexual Violence in Medicine against women physicians, residents and medical students impacts their mental and physical health and their ability to care for patients,

Whereas medical associations and institutions around the world are putting policies and procedures into place to raise awareness and educate about this,

Whereas there needs to be a safe system in place for victims to report bullying, intimidation and sexual violence, and

Whereas there needs to be commitment by these medical associations and institutions to act on this reporting,

MWIA encourages the development safe reporting mechanisms for women physicians, residents and medical students who experience bullying, intimidation and sexual violence in all countries.

MWIA encourages the development of policies and procedures that go beyond the safe reporting systems to ensure mechanisms for follow-up and cultural change in behaviour for those perpetrating the bullying, intimidation and sexual violence.

It is expected this statement will be passed at the next MWIA meeting.