FMWC Statement on the film Unplanned

The Federation of Medical Women of Canada is deeply disappointed and concerned that Cineplex has decided to screen the film Unplanned in select theatres in Canada.  This film is based on a contested memoir of a single American advocate and demonizes abortion and abortion providers with misinformation, shocking gore, and falsities.

In Canada, abortion is a legal medical procedure.  As a national organization of women physicians across Canada and specialties, we support the health and well-being of women in Canada and abroad.  We continue to affirm that women have the right to choose their own medical care, including abortion and support full access to this procedure.

The decision to screen a film that is deliberate in the demonization of a legal medical procedure is profoundly disappointing.  The consequences of this choice include bolstering ongoing efforts against a woman’s legal right to choose, encouraging radicals and extremists in their views, or possibly encouraging violence against health care providers who perform abortions.

This film, and the decision to screen it, is irresponsible and unacceptable.

We encourage anyone with questions regarding abortion procedures to contact their local Planned Parenthood, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, or their health care provider for up to date and accurate information.

Kathee Andrews MD MCFP NCMP
Federation Medical Women Of Canada