Dear Students…

A message from your National Student Representatives

As National Student Reps, we are pleased to work with all of you. The FMWC Student Group is a national network of local FMWC branches that host a variety of events that further the skills and interests of female medical students as physicians-in-training. Our breadth of events span professional and social development workshops and include awareness and advocacy events on both local and national levels. We are also very excited to offer student scholarships for research and leadership from generous FMWC donors and supporters.

Please consider joining FMWC as a student now and become quickly involved in a growing national network of female physicians and benefit from the incredible professional opportunities available to members! The Federation of Medical Women of Canada (FMWC) not only welcomes female medical students to become members, but encourages them to do so with reduced membership fees of only $25.

You’ll learn firsthand from professionals in your field, finding mentors when you need one most as well as make lifelong friends. As well as benefiting from FMWC activities at branch and national levels, FMWC student members can participate in student activities of the Medical Women’s International Association.

Some benefits of becoming an official student member of the FMWC:

  • Eligibility to apply for the National Student Leadership Award given each year at the National Conference.
  • Access to your local Mentoring Program where you are matched with a physician who can provide career advice, chat about work-life balance and provide shadowing opportunities.
  •  Access to the Canada-wide physician mentor list online.
  • Discounted rates to National Conference/Annual General Meeting, which takes place in a different Canadian city each fall and is an opportunity to network with physicians from all over Canada and hear expert lectures in the field of women's health
  • Leadership opportunities: you can apply to become your branch's student representative and help plan FMWC events in your community, you can apply for FMWC's national student representative to support branch representatives and sit on the board, and you can take lead roles on individual community initiatives such as the national PAP Campaign, HPV Prevention Week, expert talks and networking events.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

See you soon,

Lauren Kan, Dalia Karol, Meera Mahendiran, Lily Park

*The FMWC National Student Representatives attend meetings of the Board of Directors and brings to the attention of the board, issues of relevance to female medical students. These students hold a vote on the Board of Directors are nominated by their peers.

Click here to view the Student Representative Handbook


As I said in my acceptance speech, I would not be standing there on the podium if it were not for the input of so many from whom I learned so much and, of course, included among those were the members of the FMWC of which I have been a member since medical school.

— Dr. May Cohen, 2016 Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Inductee

I became a FMWC member to learn from the inspiring female physicians that have paved the way for the rest of us in the field. We have those pioneers to thank for how much easier it is for us, and I am reminded of that every time I hear one of them speak at a FMWC event. They taught me that it is not only within my grasp, but within my rights to be all that I can be both as a doctor and as a woman.

— Dr. Sarah Warden, Resident (Toronto, ON)

I believe the FMWC is a forum to express solidarity with other women: both in our careers as physicians and as advocates for the health of all women.

— Dr. Madeleine Cole (Iqaluit, Nunavut)

I have found value at both the local level and nationally. Getting women physicians together is always
inspirational. This is a venue that helps us develop our leadership skills and to be a part of something that can help shape the future of medicine for women and issues relevant to women’s health. We also are connected globally to similar organizations. We can celebrate all that women physicians contribute to medicine and nurture our next generation of women to continue on.

— Dr. Cathy MacLean (Calgary, AB)

Our membership allows you to join your voice with those of women physicians across the country to speak together about issues that matter to doctors, for the workplace and for doctors’ and patients’ health.

— Dr. Janet Dollin, Past FMWC President (Ottawa, ON)

As female physicians we speak the same language-in a sense a short hand of shared issues that often are gender associated. Life balance and work satisfaction are both critical for success. Being a member of FMWC has allowed me to tap into a wealth of shared experiences and excellent advice and support.

— Dr. Marla Shapiro (Toronto, ON)

Joining the Federation of Medical Women of Canada was a very important decision I made as a medical student. It has provided me with incredible opportunities to network and find mentorship and support. The role and status of women in medicine has changed drastically over the generations and I’m very excited to be part of bringing women’s health and medical education to the forefront.

— Dr. Pamela Liao (Toronto, ON)

All of us should belong because together we create a strong voice about our great successes and we also share our continuing challenges and glass ceilings. These discussions benefit us all and help us be the best we can.

— Dr. Cheryl Levitt (Hamilton, ON)

I love the FMWC events; they are a ton of fun. Put a group of great women together in a room; add laughter, relaxation, support; throw in an activity...its magic!

— Dr. Mamta Gautam (Ottawa, ON)

I joined the FMWC after attending a networking event held by the Edmonton branch. As a medical student, I was impressed by this excellent opportunity to hear the experiences of established female physicians, as well as to interact on a personal level and make contacts with physicians from a wide variety of specialty areas.

— Meredith Lynch, medical student (Edmonton, AB)

I feel the FMWC has become a stepping stone in leadership development for women. Many opportunities are provided to practice skills necessary in mobilizing enthusiasm and actions toward effective goals for women’s health and status of women.

— Dr. Nahid Azad, Past FMWC President (Ottawa, ON)

I joined because Canadian female physicians have a much stronger voice if we are united on issues important to women...Our interconnectedness can spread messages quickly and good things happen. Case in point: FMWC’s Pap Smear campaign!

— Dr. Caroline Kosmas, (Regina, SK)

I joined the FMWC over 50 years ago as a medical student. I have been a member of the FMWC since then because it meant being part of the most powerful advocate on behalf of women physicians and an organization passionately committed to promoting women’s health.

— Dr. May Cohen, Past FMWC President (Toronto, ON)

J’aime l’idée de partager, d’échanger et de travailler, dans une communauté de destin, avec les meilleures éléments de la profession, la crème des docteures. Celles qui, au quotidien de leur pratique, soignent, écoutent, prennent le temps d’agir conformément à leur valeur pour le bien-être des patientes. Celles qui, en plus, sont engagées, picaresque par tout, dans les instances qui nous représentent et qui agissent et réfléchissent pour le développement de meilleures pratiques dans le domaine de la santé des femmes. Celles qui sont aussi créatives, imaginatives et qui savent mettre de l’avant de formidables idées pour mobiliser les femmes, les docteurs, les institutions, les gouvernements, autour d’un projet dont l’écho se fait entendre partout à travers le monde.

— Dr. Yolande Leduc (Longueuil, Québec)