Potential Futures – CMA seeking your input


(This message is being sent on behalf of Dr. Suzanne Strasberg and Tim Smith)


Dear CMA Affiliates and Associate Societies,


What future do we collectively aspire to create for health, the health workforce and health systems in Canada? That is the question driving Impact 2040, the CMA’s strategy planning process, and the question we’d like to explore with you.


Guided by our vision of a Vibrant Profession and a Healthy Population, we’ve set our sights on 2040 to imagine a bold new future. We want to swing for the fences and challenge ourselves – and others – to have the courage and creativity to be the change we want to see. And we know we can’t do this alone. 


This is why we are reaching out to you and to a cross-section of thought leaders in the health and social sectors to gather diverse perspectives on an early version of our “Potential Futures” – our “big bets” for what a desirable future might look like in 2040. 


If you would like to contribute to this exercise, we invite you to complete the following survey on four draft “Potential Futures” before July 31st:




Your input will help refine, or challenge, our vision of the future to make it better and bolder. This is an important step in our journey towards Impact 2040 – a journey we’d like to take with you. 


Thank you, 


Suzanne and Tim


Suzanne Strasberg, MD, CCFP, ICD.D

Chair, Board of Directors


Tim Smith, B.S.Sc., MBA, ICD.D

Chief Executive Officer, CMA and CMA Group of Companies