The Top 10 Skills

"The Top 10 Skills I Need to Save the World”

Leadership and Advocacy Online Toolkit in 3 parts


The Top 10 Skills I Need to Save the World is a fun, comprehensive resource for medical women, looking at how to strengthen our ability to lead change for our careers in medicine and for the areas of our work where we witness that change is needed. The reasons that we have not yet “saved the world” (for women in medicine and for women’s health), have been the Federation of Medical Women of Canada’s overarching discussion themes over the years. We have collated this wisdom about medical leadership and compiled it into this on line advocacy toolkit. It is intended for use by FMWC members as a tool to help us build these important leadership skills.

Each of the 10 specific skills presented in this online resource developed from a discussion that began with the 10 major barriers that FMWC women physicians have faced in building their careers. These barriers are rooted in our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and in our understanding of the systems around us. These discussions were held at the 2008 FMWC annual meeting, which I planned as incoming President of FMWC and which was presented by key medical leaders from across Canada at the time, many of whom graciously agreed to share their presentations and their Pearls online.

Part 1 describes the Top 10 Skills we will need to save the world. Part 2 presents group exercises designed to stimulate discussion on the individual skill topics. The original speakers’ presentations are included in Part 3.

We are sincerely grateful to all of our contributors, for the meeting presentations, workshops and conversations that built this resource. This online resource can be used at your own pace either in whole or in part. It’s up to you. Does your world need changing? Here are the skills you will need.

- Janet Dollin

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