The Future of Women in Medicine & Health Care: Our Aptitude and Our Influence

The Future of Women in Medicine & Health Care: Our Aptitude and Our Influence
September 20-22, 2019
Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, Canada

REGISTRATION is now OPEN for the 2019 FMWC AGM and Educational Assembly. This year’s theme is:

The Future of Women in Medicine & Health Care: Our Aptitude and Our Influence.

The FMWC Annual General Meeting and Educational Assembly is a once-a-year opportunity to highlight the talents, aptitudecollaborative power and influence of women allied in medicine and healthcare.  Clinicians, scientists, social scientists and compassionate healers achieve more, together!  

This conference promises to be a weekend of stimulating educational discussions and networking among women in health care from across the country and across disciplines. This annual event offers physicians, residents, and medical students along with other women and allies in healthcare at all stages in their careers, the opportunity to enhance their clinical expertise, develop their leadership skills, network and celebrate the accomplishments of women.

As healthcare providers we partner with our patients in their journey. As leaders in a complex healthcare system, all will agree that it is essential that we are clinically up to date. Moreover, women are advantaged by our oft-advanced emotional intelligence. It is fitting then, that we utilize our compassion and expert navigational skills to influence the best care possible for those who put their trust in ourprofession.  This conference will increase the recognition that women do have the power and aptitude to influence all aspects of medicine and healthcare by connecting within our disciplines and between our professions.  Women must capitalize on our strengths and act as catalysts to improve care.

The setting for this year’s meeting is the inspiring Ottawa Art Gallery. This space is designed to foster connections between artists and the members of a diverse community. We too aim to foster connections.  Our educational program will inspire and enlighten, and the social activities will rejuvenate with time set aside to connect with colleagues across professions.

Dr. Harriett MacMillan

There are two pre-conference workshops (separate registration required) set for Friday. The first will feature a presentation by Dr. Harriett MacMillan on the VEGA Project. Dr. Harriett MacMillian is a psychiatrist, pediatrician and a distinguished professor in the department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University.

Funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, the VEGA Project provides practical education, resources, public health guidance, tools, and curriculum for health professionals and social service providers in support of victims of abuse.

Adele Tevlin

Adele Tevlin

The second workshop will feature Adele Tevlin of Adele Wellness, who will explore “Closing the Gender Gap Through Confidence & Resilience Training”. Women play multiple roles throughout the lifespan and gain valuable skills through these life experiences. Lets explore how to take these areas of “expertise”, identify the resilience that was generated and parlay this into confidence which is transferrable to current conditions.

2018 Welcome and Cocktail Recption

On Friday evening, there is a Welcome & Cocktail Reception, where old friends meet, and new friends find each other. Always an enjoyable time, conference attendees have space to meet new colleagues and reacquaint old ones before the start of the conference. There is a special Meet & Greet for trainees before the reception.

Dr. Ivy Bourgeault

Saturday begins bright and early with a breakfast symposium at 8:00. All members are invited to the Annual General Meeting at 9:00am. Dr. Clover Hemans, President Elect and Conference Chair, will open this years Educational assembly. Always exciting and inspiring, Dr. Ivy Bourgeault, will begin the day with her plenary session, “Gender. Always. Matters.

Dr. Lisa Calder

Dr. Lisa Calder follows with a presentation on “The Future of Women in Medicine and Healthcare”.


Dr. Angel Arnaout

Dr. Angel Arnaout
will present next.  Dr. Arnaout is one of Canada’s leading breast surgical oncologists, and a recipient of the Order of Ottawa.



We are excited and pleased to present a special screening of The Gender Lady: The Fabulous Dr. May Cohen after lunch on Saturday. Directed by Drs. Cheryl Levitt and Barbara Lent, this award-winning documentary explores the life of Dr. May Cohen an icon and internationally renowned trailblazer in women’s health. We are honored to have Dr. Cohen in attendance, who will sit as part of a separate Panel Discussion on Gender, Equity and Health.

The Saturday Night Social will feature awards of distinction-- honouring fabulous women Physicians, as well as Dinner and Dancing in The Byward Market. Separate registration is required.

On Sunday, following the breakfast symposium, we begin the day with the top student and resident research presentations. This inspiring feature allows us to hear very short presentation bytes from our next generation of researchers. In displaying our support, we mentor and honour their contributions, bolster self esteem and literally show how you can be what you see.

Following, the research abstract presentations a Public Health Educator from the Ottawa Rape Crisis Center will speak with us on how to be safe.  Times have changed. Safety encompasses many formats. There will be lots to learn here.

Dr. Angel Foster

The closing plenary will feature two amazing, and internationally lauded speakers. The first, Dr. Angel Foster will explore “Abortion, politics, and the pill that promised to change everything: The global journey of mifepristone”. We will be well schooled in understanding this global issue.


Dr. Danielle Martin

Last, but never least, Dr. Danielle Martin will close the conference with her discussion on “Women Physicians and Their Influence”. We know Dr. Martin has influence and courage as shown by her bold and courageous lesson on Canadian healthcare to U.S. senators in in Washington, D.C..

Our closing plenary will leave us inspired and empowered.  Please join us to celebrate the 96th year of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada.  This year is committed to inspiration, collaboration, communication, advocacy, scholarship, leadership and fun!


See you in September at the Ottawa Art Gallery!

Dr. Clover Hemans
President Elect
Federation of Medical Women of Canada