Think Tank on Women Leaders in Medicine

Dr. Mamta Gautam is an Ottawa psychiatrist and CEO of PEAK MD who specializes in cultivating leadership resiliency. She is also a past president of the FMWC. We are pleased to assist her with this initiative fostering women leaders in medicine.  

Invitation to design PEAK MD Think Tank for Women Leaders in Medicine

Women Physicians are changing the face of medicine.

In 1997, for the first time, there were more women than men in first year medical school. Currently, 63% of Canadian medical students are women; 41% of Canadian physicians are women.

Despite an increasing number of women in medicine, women physicians remain underrepresented in high-level leaderships positions in the executive, academic, and organizational medical world. Women physicians are recognized less, promoted less, paid less, have fewer opportunities for leadership roles, and are less often in charge. Let’s change this!

Gender diversity in medicine and medical leadership is positive, and results in improved patient care and outcomes through an increase in creativity, productivity and innovation, improved decision-making and health, and increased engagement of faculty and other health care professionals. Women physicians are known to have a more patient centered approach, offer more patient centered communication, provide clinical care that results in better patient outcomes, lower 30-day mortality rate, and higher patient satisfaction scores.

PEAK MD has launched a national Think Tank to collaborate with interested stakeholders to develop strategies and realistic action plans that will result in an increased number of women applying for and assuming leadership positions in medicine. We plan to focus on leading cross-disciplinary research, thought leadership, innovative solutions, policies, and products to support women leaders in medicine.

We invite you to assist us in designing this Think Tank to best meet this goal.

Please complete this short survey, which:

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* ends May 31, 2019.

Access the survey at the link here.

Thank you in advance for your help in designing this Think Tank.



Mamta Gautam, MD, MBA, FRCPC, CCPE, CPE
Dept of Psychiatry, University of Ottawa
Psychiatrist, Psychosocial Oncology Program, The Ottawa Hospital
President and CEO, PEAK MD Inc.