WoMed – Call for Contributors / Submission Guidelines

Do you have a topic you feel passionate about or isn’t getting the attention it needs?

WoMED, the official blog of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada is seeking contributions by FMWC members for publication on the blog.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • women physicians and women in medicine
  • women’s health, domestic and international
  • women in leadership, healthcare, academia

Blog posts are between 500-800 words, and include images where ever possible. A picture of the author will accompany the post along with a short bio.

Contributors must be members of the FMWC or represent a health-related organization.

Your email should contain the following:

  • "WOMED - Submission" in the subject line
  • Your piece must be in the body of the email. Do not send as an attachment
  • Graphics or images to include with your post
  • Photo of yourself, preferably a head shot
  • Short bio, include medical training and current position
  • list of applicable keywords

Submissions are accepted at any time. Please allow for 48 hours for response. Submissions will be subject to copy editing for clarity and consistency.

Authors will retain copyright of their work, granting the FMWC the distribution rights.

The FMWC is committed to the responsible use of social media. In order to protect confidentiality, we require all patient names to changed and all protected health information be omitted from submissions unless written consent is obtained from subject patients. Any identifying details must be altered or changed to protect confidentiality.

If you’re interested in submitting a contribution, please contact: Margaret Shkimba [email protected]