Women of Impact in STEM – Nominating our leaders in Medicine

From our peers at the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada:


October is Women's History Month in Canada and this year's theme is 'Women of Impact'. Unfortunately, there are currently no Indigenous Women in the STEM Gallery. It is time to change that.
Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE) is currently accepting nominations for Women of Impact but the timeline is short.
We encourage you to nominate any Indigenous physician leader(s) whom you feel should be included in the Women of Impact STEM Gallery. While the process is not a public vote, we have been informed that multiple nominations factor into the decision making of WAGE.
We gathered a small sub-committee to discuss potential nominees and we have decided to endorse the following three physicians.
Dr. Marcia Anderson
Dr. Nadine Caron
Dr. Ojistoh Horn
We have created a fast facts list as well as a sample nomination in paragraph form. If you choose to nominate one or more of the following physicians, you may find these tools helpful.
Follow the link to access the tools.