Dec. 31 May Cohen Award

Every year the FMWC member deemed to best personify the legacy of for president May Cohen.  Nominees are judged on the ability to transfer the FMWC vision into living action by supporting women physicians and women's health. Read More»


Dec. 31 Enid Johnson MacLeod Award

Given to an advocate and promoter (physician or non-physician) of women’s health research and/or women’s health education. Established to honour Dr. Enid MacLeod a long-time member of the Federation from Nova Scotia known for her research into the use of curare for anesthesia. Read More»


Dec. 31 The Reproductive Health Award

Recognizing a FMWC full member seen to contribute the most to reproductive health in the past year. Read More»


Dec. 31 Honorary Member

Awarded to a woman who has exemplified the spirit and mission of the FMWC by making a significant contribution to women’s health, medicine, women physicians and/or the FMWC. Candidates need not be a member of the FMWC or of the medical profession. Read More»


Dec. 31 Student Leadership Award

Recognizing the FMWC medical student member showing the most leadership potential, particularly in support of the FMWC mission statement. Read More»


Dec. 31 The Margaret Owen-Waite Memorial Fund

A $1,000 scholarship is available to a FMWC practicing physician member (full or resident member) looking to further her medical education. Priority is given to Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA) members. Read More»


Dec. 31 The Maude Abbott Research Fund (MARF)

Designed to provide support to female physicians who wish to complete women's health research, this fund is now seeking applications for a research grant in Women’s Health, Education and Promotion. Read More»


Dec. 31


The Maude Abbott Scholarship Fund (MASF)


Designed to advance education by providing scholarships, bursaries, awards and other forms of financial assistance to medical students at registered Canadian medical schools.     Read More»


Currently unavailable Jessie McGeachy Award

Presented every year to the woman graduating medical school at University of Saskatchewan with the best academic standing. The award was established in 1968 in honour of Dr. Jessie McGeachy, wife of the second Dean of Medicine, Dr. Wendell MacLeod.


Currently unavailable The Dr. Shelagh Lindsay Medical Award

Nominated by the University of Calgary and offered annually to a student completing the final year in the Faculty of Medicine MD program. To be eligible candidates must be accepted into a family medicine residency training program in Alberta from the Canadian Resident Matching Service. For more information on the Dr. Shelagh Lindsay Medical Award, visit the University of Calgary website’s convocation awards page.

Please note: When deciding among nominees for all awards, preference will be given to candidates who have been FMWC members in the prior year. The deadline for all award nominations is December 31st. In the event that no nominations are received for an award by Dec 31, the deadline for that award will be extended to June 30th.