Honorary Member



We are currently seeking nominations from you, the membership, for the Federation of Medical Women of Canada (FMWC) Honorary Member. Do you know a woman who has rendered outstanding service to one or more of the following: medicine, women's health, women physicians and/or the FMWC?

Honorary Members may or may not be members of the FMWC or the medical profession. Not more than one (1) Honorary Member may be elected in any one (1) year. Honorary Members may be nominated by any member of the FMWC and shall be elected only with the unanimous approval of the Board of Directors prior to the FMWC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and with majority approval of FMWC members at the AGM. Honorary Members are not required to pay an annual membership fee and are not entitled to vote or hold office.

Nominations must be received by the National Office in time for processing prior to the FMWC’s Interim Board Meeting.

Deadline for nominations: February 3, 2023


FMWC Honorary Member - Nomination Form


***Please note that this nomination or self nomination isn't complete until the National Office receives a copy of the nominee's CV via email at: [email protected].


Past Honorary Members

2020: Dr. Angel Foster

2019: Dr. Danielle Martin

2018: Dr. Joanna Bates

2017: Monica Olsen

2016: Dr. Susan Phillips

2015: Dr. Janice Stein

2014: Detective Wendy Leaver

2013: Dr. Samantha Nutt

2012: Dr. Nancy Connelly

2011: Avis Favaro

2010: Col. Maureen Haberstock

2009: Dr. Jane Philpott

2007: Dr. Ruth Collins Nakai

2006: Brig General Hilary Jaeger

2004: Dr. Elaine Orbine

2003: Dr. Britta Sperling

2002: Dr. Sima Samar

1994: Justice Bertha Wilson

Dr. Roberta Bondar

Dr. Hedy Fry

Dr. Colleen O'Connell

Dr. Lorna Sent

Joan Ford

Judith Erola