Board of Directors

Dr. Kimberly Williams


Dr. Kimberly Williams is currently a neuropsychiatrist at the University of Calgary. She is excited to be the President-Elect of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada. She is a former President of the Resident Doctors of Canada, the national organization representing over 9,000 Canadian resident physicians across Canada. Prior to medical school Dr. Williams completed a BSc in pharmacology and an MSc in Global Health from the University of Alberta. She also worked as an infectious diseases epidemiologist for Alberta Health and Wellness.

She has been awarded the Award for Young Leaders from the Canadian Medical Association, the Kristin Sivertz Resident Leadership Award from the Royal College of physicians and surgeons of Canada, the Sandra Banner Student Award for Leadership from the Canadian Resident Matching Association and is one of Calgary’s Top 40 under 40. She is a researcher in the areas of medical education, global health, and neuropsychiatry.

In 2014 Dr. Williams created Kolabo with Dr. Watterson a fellow resident, which is an organization associated with the University of Calgary, that works collaboratively with the Catholic University of Allied Health Sciences in Tanzania to build healthier communities by creating collaborative, broad-based mental health education for trainees. Since 2014 Kolabo has taught over 1,500 medical and graduate students and funded the training of the third psychiatrist for a population of over 10 million people in Tanzania. She is a global health enthusiast, which includes writing about key topics in this area including a chapter author in Millennials Speak: Essays on the 21st Century. in Upstream Medicine: Doctors for a Healthy Society and Essentials in Global Health.