10.01 Amendment of Articles

The Articles of the Federation may only be amended if the amendment is sanctioned by a Special Resolution of the Members. Any amendment to the Articles is effective on the date shown in the certificate of amendment.

10.02 By-law Confirmation

In accordance with the Articles and subject to the Act, any By-law, amendment or repeal of a By-law shall require confirmation by Special Resolution of the Members.

10.03 Effective Date of Board Initiated By-law, Amendment or Repeal

Subject to the Act, the Board may by resolution, make, amend or repeal any By-laws that regulate the activities or affairs of the Federation. Any such By-law, amendment or repeal shall be effective from the date of the Special Resolution of the Members approving such By-law, amendment or repeal. A Board resolution is not required to make, amend or repeal any By-law which is made pursuant to subsection 197 (1) of the Act.