Fifth Annual HPV Prevention Week

October 3-8, 2021



Join the Federation of Medical Women and numerous supporting organizations and individuals who are committed to preventing the spread of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and the cancers it can cause.

HPV Prevention Week is designed to bring Canadians together to engage in a series of events and initiatives to increase awareness of an infection that is estimated to affect more than 75% of sexually active men and women in their lifetime.  The human papilloma virus causes genital warts, but persistent disease can cause 6 different types of cancer:  Oropharyngeal, Penile, Anal, Vaginal, Cervical, and Vulvar.

#CANADAvsHPV, demonstrates international leadership in how we  – doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, public health officials, NGOs, pharmacists, patients, government and industry – can work together to educate all Canadians to:

  • close the preventative care gap
  • encourage behaviour that could ultimately save lives.

In 2021, we are going live... Facebook Live.  We will be presenting a Facebook Live webinar on Thursday, October 7th, at 12pm.  Dr. Vivien Brown, Chair of the HPV Prevention Week Committee, will lead a panel discussion featuring Dr. Chloe Rozon, OB/GYN Resident, the Ottawa Hospital; Liz Ellwood, Cervical Cancer Survivor; and Dr. Sarah Kives, Deputy Director of Gynecology, St. Michael's Hospital.

Details and RSVP can be found here.

HPV & Me Podcast Series

In addition to Facebook Live, our committee produced a podcast series, HPV & Me.  Medical student Adelaide Burrows interviews experts in the field of HPV prevention on various issues related to HPV.  You can stream the episodes here

HPV Prevention Centre of Excellence

Beginning in January 2021, the Federation of Medical Women of Canada created an HPV Prevention Centre of Excellence.  Sessions discuss the latest research in HPV Prevention.

The HPV Prevention Centre of Excellence was sponsored by Merck Canada, Inc.

Our first meeting was with Dr. Monique Bertrand of McMaster University.

Our second session was presented by Dr. Marla Shapiro, C.M., on March 12, 2021

Our third session was presented by Andrea Lekushoff, President of Broad Reach Public Relation, on August 19, 2021

Our Fourth Session was held on October 21st at 7 pm


In 2020, we took HPV Prevention Week virtual

We had a week of exciting lunch and learn seminars from some of the leaders in Canada of HPV prevention and elimination!  Presenters allowed us to record their sessions and share them here:

NB: All information provided is considered accurate as of the day of the presentation.  Please consult a health care provider if you would like more information on HPV Prevention. 

Monday, October 5 - Drs. Shelley McNeil and Vivien Brown "HPV in Adult Women, an overview of the state of the fight against HPV"


Tuesday, October 6 - Dr. Gina Ogilvie "The Canadian path to cervical cancer elimination"

This video is no longer available.

Wednesday, October 7 - Virtual Screening of Lady Ganga followed by a Q&A with medical students and their mentors on HPV in medical education

You can view the extended version of Lady Ganga: Nilza's Story here

Thursday, October 8 - Dr. Unjali Malhotra "Cultural Safety and HPV"

This video is no longer available.

From Dr. Malhotra's presentation:  Perinatal Health, Cultural Safety in COVID-19

Friday, October 9 - Dr. Monique Bertrand "Pouvons-nous éliminer le Cancer du Col de l ’utérus au Canada?"  (this session will be presented in French)


WANT TO GET INVOLVED? VISIT www.canadavshpv.ca

We hope you will join us in the #CANADAvsHPV fight for #HPVPW21


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