Reproductive Health Award

This award is presented annually to the Federation of Medical Women of Canada full member seen to contribute the most to the field of reproductive health.

Terms of Reference:

  1. The award shall be presented annually to a member in any category, who demonstrates outstanding commitment to women’s health research or women’s health education.
  2. When submitting your nomination, submit the nomination form available at The deadline for submitting nominations will be 0800 of the 2nd Monday of January of the year of the nomination.
  3. Self-nomination is acceptable.
  4. Nominations must be submitted electronically and must include a maximum of 500 characters statement and a CV, emailed to the National Office.
  5. The Awards committee will make the final decision on the award recipient and provide an update to the Board. The Board makes the final approval of the decision. The FMWC is under no obligation to present the award if a suitable candidate is not determined by the awards committee.
  6. The winner of the award will be invited to the AGM to receive the award and will be reimbursed the cost of AGM registration, one night's accommodation at the event hotel, and travel to the AGM (up to $750).
  7. The current FMWC Co-Chairs of the awards committee and members of the executive committee will be ineligible for this award.



The Reproductive Health Award is presented annually to the FMWC full member seen to contribute the most to the field of reproductive health.

When submitting your nomination, please complete the following information and insert the name of one (1) other physician member of the FMWC who accepted to endorse your nomination (reference will be validated). The deadline for nominations is January 10, 2021.


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***Please note that this nomination or self nomination isn't complete until the National Office receives a copy of the nominee's CV via email at: [email protected].

Past Recipients

2013 – Dr. Jan Christilaw
2011 – Dr. Mary Conley
2010 – Dr. Shayna Watson
2001 – Dr. Shaila Misri
2000 – Dr. Elaine Jolly
1999 – Dr. Vera Frinton
1998 – Dr. Ellen Wiebe
1997 – Dr. Dorothy Shaw