Dear Residents…

A message from your

National Resident Representative

As the National Resident Representative, I am pleased to work with all of you. The Federation of Medical Women of Canada strives to support and engage female medical residents in a multitude of ways; mentorship and career planning is an important aspect of residency that is not easy to explore while working busy hours.

The FMWC Student/Resident Group is a national network of local FMWC branches that host a variety of events that further the skills and interests of both female medical students and residents. Our breadth of events span professional and social development workshops and include awareness and advocacy events on both local and national levels. We are also very excited to offer student and resident scholarships for research and leadership from generous FMWC donors and supporters.

Please consider joining the FMWC as a resident now and become quickly involved in a growing national network of female physicians and benefit from the incredible professional opportunities available to members!

You’ll learn firsthand from professionals in your field, finding mentors when you need one most as well as make lifelong friends. As well as benefiting from FMWC activities at branch and national levels, FMWC resident members can participate in student activities of the Medical Women’s International Association.

Some benefits of becoming an official resident member of the FMWC:

  • Eligibility to apply for awards given each year at the National Conference.
  • Access to your local Mentoring Program where you have the option to be matched with a physician or medical student to seek or offer career advice, chat about work-life balance and/or provide shadowing opportunities.
  • Access to the Canada-wide physician mentor list online.
  • Discounted rates to National Conference/Annual General Meeting, which takes place in a different Canadian city each fall and is an opportunity to network with physicians from all over Canada and hear expert lecturers in the field of women’s health
  • Leadership opportunities: you can apply to become your branch’s resident representative and help plan FMWC events in your community. You can also apply for FMWC’s national resident representative to support branch representatives and sit on the board. You can also take lead roles on individual community initiatives such as the national PAP Campaign or the Women's Cardiac and Cerebrovascular Health Committee, expert talks and networking events.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.

See you soon,

Dr. Danusha Jebanesan

*The FMWC National Resident  Representative attends meetings of the Board of Directors and brings to the attention of the board, issues of relevance to female medical residents.  This individual  is a voting member of the board and is nominated by her peers.


Click here to view the Student & Resident Representative Handbook